Children of Addicts are Predisposed to Addictive Behavior

Children of Addicts are Predisposed to Addictive Behavior

It’s well known and generally accepted that those if your parents had addiction problems, you’re more likely to develop those same patterns. This seems obvious when you consider how many grow up watching mom and/or dad drinking heavily or abusing drugs. But the environment isn’t the only factor in the hereditary nature of alcoholism and other drug abuse.

September is National Recovery Month

It is September, which means it is National Recovery Month! This is a month to observe and recognize people who have undergone treatment for substance abuse and addiction problems as well as mental health disorders. It helps show people still dealing with addiction that they can get help and lead a healthy, happy life. It sends out a positive message to all people who are facing addiction and doubting recovery and shows how well recovery works and that treatment is actually effective.

5 Celebrities that Fought Addiction and Won

When we hear about celebrities who have issues with addiction, many of us immediately think of rock stars in heavy metal bands, or the excessive drinking and drug usage that takes place at Hollywood parties filled with pop stars.

Suboxone: Good or Bad?

Suboxone is a drug prescribed to treat an opiate addiction. However, the main ingredient in the drug, an opiate, has led to concerns that patients that take Suboxone may just be trading one addiction for another. Is Suboxone a good treatment choice or simply a means to more drug problems? The answer may depend on who you talk to.

An Effective Addiction Detox

Parole Officers - Their Impact On Drug Addicts

“The United States incarcerates more people for drug offenses than any other country. With an estimated 6.8 million Americans struggling with drug abuse or dependence, the growth of the prison population continues to be driven largely by incarceration for drug offenses.” - Justice Policy Institute, Substance Abuse Treatment and Public Safety, 2008

How to Stop Enabling a Drug Addict

Drug abuse can end up as an ongoing cycle if it is not stopped as soon as possible. There are a lot of people who have seen both friends and family members fall into the cycle of abuse. In some cases, an intervention may have been done and the individual in question may have taken the chance to go to rehabilitation. Being clean can be easy for some people, but relapses can end up being quite common.

Dual Diagnosis: The Chicken or the Egg?

A dual diagnosis refers to a patient who has been diagnosed with both a mental disorder and a substance abuse problem. The challenges of treating either one of these conditions are many, but when the two conditions co-exist, treatment becomes even more complex. The good news is there is help available for individuals who receive a dual diagnosis, through treatment therapies and support systems.

Can Pets Help With Overcoming Addiction?

Pets can have a powerful influence on us, as they can provide unconditional love and can help with a variety of emotional, psychological and medical problems. Many addiction treatment centers are starting to encourage people to get a pet while they work to overcome their addiction. For many people, having a pet helps them get through the most difficult parts of recovery.

Therapy Pets

The Lost War on Drugs

The so-called War on Drugs is a concept that was invented by President Nixon in 1971 and put into action. Nixon’s aim was to eradicate drug use from not only the United States, but the rest of the world. Unfortunately, over thirty years later, the war on drugs has done nothing to help it. President Nixon’s vision has ultimately failed.

The challenges of being clean and sober

​Staying sober is a challenge.  Whether the drug you are kicking is one you can completely abstain from (drugs, alcohol, nicotine) or those which require continued use (prescription pain killers, food, the Internet!).  It is commonly echoed that the first several weeks are always the hardest - withdrawal sets in, and so does familiarity.  How does one cope with the newness of being sober?