You need more sunshine!

We’re creatures of the light.  Our ancestors didn’t evolve us to hibernate during the day and hunt for food at night.  We are a creature that needs plenty of sunlight and warmth to thrive.  For this and many other reasons, patients battling the depressing side effects of addiction can often benefit from a move to warmer, sunnier climates.

We get a lot of things from the UV rays of the sun, including Vitamin D, and there are a long list of health benefits from that fireball in the sky.  Sunshine helps to reduce stress, improve mood and energy, and strengthens your immune system.  All the side effects of a difficult recovery can be aided and mitigated by a steady dose of golden sunshine.

Sadly there has been some extremist propaganda in the media the past couple of decades that warns you to lather on the SPF to protect your skin from the ultra-harmful rays of the sun.  While there is some substantiated science that points toward health risks from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight (in the greenhouse gas era), the alarmism has resulted in a severe spike in health problems related to not getting enough sunshine and Vitamin D.

Sunshine even effects your brain development and fertility.  Studies have shown that animals with Vitamin D deficiency have more trouble conceiving and even human countries with long dark winters find that their conception rates are much higher in the summer months when fertility rates are noticeably higher.

It’s hard enough to fight a battle with depression and anxiety associated with your substance withdrawal, why make it more difficult by weathering the winters of the north.  If at all possible, spend the first few months or years of your sobriety in the southern climates where you can lay outside and soak up the rays of sunshine.  It will strengthen and enliven you, which are key ingredients to defeating your addiction long term.

Happy sun-bathing!




Published on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 18:22
By Addiction Recovery