Garbage In, Garbage Out

One of the most common phrases in the health and fitness world is “you are what you eat,” which always conjures up these horrible images of turning into a walking pizza or those commercials that show your bum as a big glazed donut.  But the old phrase is used for a reason.  The foods you eat to survive are broken down in your gut to absorb the nutrients that fuel the body.  Those nutrients are taken to your individual cells and absorbed into the material of the cell.

So you literally become what you put in your stomach.

This is a big revelation for those who conveniently avoid facing the reality of their poor nutritional decisions.  The reality is if you eat crap, you’ll feel like crap and your body will show the results.  However, if you make positive, mindful food choices based on common knowledge of health and wellbeing, you’re going to live and feel better.

The same is true of what you put in your brain.

Now we come to the real shocker.  This same concept holds true for the kinds of information you consume.  As you take in new images and videos and information, you’re filling your mind with a complex clutter of thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  If you’re pulling in a steady diet of gossip posts, conspiracy theory, and hardcore porn, odds are you’re mental state won’t be at its  best.  Of course, you could argue that those kinds of media input fuel you in some positive way but we all know what’s not good for us.  Some of us just try to avoid it.

Accept that if you want to become whole and inspired, you have to tailor your conversations and reading habits to the kind of mental state you want to create.  Fuel your own mental health by consuming only the most inspiring and healing information in order to cultivate a mindset that sees the world in a healthy, positive light.  Read about addiction recovery and personal success to keep you focused on winning this race.

Keep the garbage out of your mind as well as your body.


Published on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 19:08
By Addiction Recovery