5 Things You Tell Yourself before Relapse

While everyone faces his/her own unique recovery with all its own challenges and hurdles, the commonality amongst all relapse is that you have to talk yourself into it. Here are a few common things you might end up saying to yourself just to alleviate the guilt of reaching across the line for a fix or a drink.

“Those Were the Good Ole Days”

Romanticizing your past drug use or alcohol abuse is the first way to start down the path of a painful relapse. It’s easy to remember the laughter and funny stories and good times but these rosy memories often leave out the horrible sickness that followed or the pain you caused to others around your during those times of excess. Remember why you quit, not why you started.

“I’m Okay Now”

Once you’ve been clean and sober for a few weeks there is a temptation to think you can start fresh like someone new to drugs or drinking. You tell yourself that you’ve conquered the recovery and now you can get away with light drinking or occasional recreational drug use. Don’t kid yourself. Once you’re body has developed an addiction, you’ll never be able to go back. You’re forever a recovering addict and to think otherwise will only spell ruin.

“It’s Just Who I Am”

Identifying with your chosen substance is common and if it was responsible for a life-of-the-party lifestyle then you likely assume the only way you can really “be yourself” is to imbibe or use. The drug was never who you were. You make the drug what it is, not the other way around. Your identity is much more than an addict, even if you’re still figuring out what that means. Don’t be fooled.

“Just One Won’t Hurt”

This is a classic favorite and one we all know. It’s a tease, really, one designed to convince you that just one sweet little taste will be enough to allow you to comfortably go back to sobriety. WRONG. 

One always leads to Two and Three and... Ruin. No matter how logical and sure it sounds in your head, always know that one is always enough to damage you and send you back into full blown relapse.

“It Will Be Different This Time”

Our imaginations are powerful and we can convince ourselves that a new, bright, wholly different future awaits beyond the door to relapse but a part of us knows the truth. There is only one route to take when you reach for that needle or bottle again and it’s one that you don’t want to go down again.

Don’t let these sneaky mind tricks interfere with your victory over addiction. Be strong, focused, and committed to sobriety.

Published on Fri, 01/09/2015 - 12:00
By Addiction Recovery