Where Do You Put Your Power?

Where Do You Put Your Power?

Many addicts will tell you that they develop a problem with their drug of choice because it gives them an edge or a boost or some extra power to get through the day. Booze, Weed, Pills, Coke, all of it can masquerade as a source of power in your life. While sometimes these things can give you that added boost or take the edge off, if you grow to rely on a substance or chemical to get you through the day or your life, you’re effectively giving all of your personal power away to something that doesn’t care about you or your success at all.

Making it Through Alcohol Withdrawal

Making it Through Alcohol Withdrawal

For someone dealing with alcoholism, making the decision to get clean is a difficult and challenging decision requiring tremendous bravery. But it’s what happens next that is the true test of strength and courage. Alcohol is a powerful drug and withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly harsh and difficult to weather. The pain and suffering that a recovering addict can endure during the ten or so days of detox is a hell that drives many would-be sober people back to the bottle. But there are ways to make it through.

3 Reasons Family Involvement is Essential in the Recovery Process

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, every member of the family suffers the consequences. At the same time, involvement of family members in the recovery process can have a direct impact on the success of the treatment program –for both the addict and other family members. If you are unsure how you can help a loved one make it through the treatment and recovery process, we have three reasons your involvement is essential to that process.

Real World Recovery Tools

Real world problems like addiction need real world solutions. Many going through the recovery process find it difficult to relate to the highly theoretical philosophy that many counselors and addiction therapists rely upon for the basis of their programs. Easy to understand action plans, and practical tools can help make the connection from theory to application much easier for those struggling with addiction and recovery.

Different Types of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities

Being addicted to drugs and/or alcohol can quickly and easily destroy a person’s life. Thankfully many addicts eventually choose to go into a rehab facility to deal with their addiction. Before doing so, it is important to fully understand the different types of drug and alcohol rehab facilities.

Inpatient Treatment

Tools For Recovery

Addiction recovery is no easy process. There are a number of components that must be in place to ensure your success and prevent a relapse. The good news is that when you incorporate the various tools into your recovery process, your chances of getting and staying clean are that much greater. Check out these basic recovery tools that will help you learn to build a meaningful life without drugs or alcohol.