Will my Insurance cover Rehab?

A quality drug rehabilitation program can get very costly depending on the nature of the treatment and the severity of the addiction.   For this reason, the first question for many patients or their families is whether or not the cost of rehab will be covered by their insurance provider.  The great news is that most private and public health insurance providers now offer full or partial coverage for drug treatment and rehabilitation programs.

While insurance companies sometimes get a bad reputation, they are interested in the longevity and health of their customers.  After all, if you’re an unhealthy hardcore drug addict, they’re going to be paying much higher costs in the long run.   These companies understand that the cost of drug treatment, no matter how pricey, is much lower than the lifetime cost of a drug or alcohol problem.

Insurance coverage for addiction treatment is a big issue in today’s world and insurance companies are not oblivious.  If you need help understanding the extent of your coverage in these matters, contact your insurance provider to ask them about your options.

If it turns out that your insurance provider does not cover addiction treatment plans, you still have options in the public sector.  Some rehab centers are partially or fully subsidized by the government and accept public medical coverage to pay for some or all of the treatment services.  These programs often have income requirements to qualify and a few restrictions on the types of facilities and programs covered.

In rare cases where financial coverage for drug addiction treatment is not an option for you and your family, there are still non-profit organizations that offer more economical or charitable programs to get you the treatment you need.

Whatever mode of financial coverage you turn to, remember that you will have to check with the provider before committing to a treatment program to make sure it’s covered.

Never give up on your recovery.  There are a great many options available to get you the help and care you need to win this fight.


Published on Tue, 03/10/2015 - 22:54
By Addiction Recovery