Which Addiction Recovery Center is Right for Me?

For someone struggling with addiction and looking for a treatment program to help recover, the best option is usually a full rehabilitation facility with a trained staff and medical personnel that can make the detox and transition easier and more manageable. But how do you know which facility to choose or where to go once you decided to seek help? 

There are thousands of amazing addiction rehab centers all around the world and in every state of the USA. They range in price as well as program offerings so you’ll have to do your homework to find one that suits your needs. Here are a few things to consider when you’re assessing treatment facility options.

What do they offer?

The kind of facility you go to will be largely dependent on the addiction you have and what you’re hoping to achieve from rehab. Drugs with severe withdrawal symptoms will require more serious medical attention on site. If you’re seeking help for a teenager or someone with special needs, you’ll want to find a facility that caters specifically to this type of patient. Counseling will be important after the detox part is over with, getting you set up and ready for a lifestyle change. Make sure the facility offers the level of coaching and counseling necessary for your success in recovery.


Obviously, you’ll want to look for something fairly close to home, especially if you and your family members will be assisting in the recovery process. Most programs are inpatient residencies, meaning you’ll be living in the treatment center for the duration of your rehabilitation. This means it’s possible to travel further away if you like what a distant facility offers. For patients concerned about discretion, choosing a rehab center further from home can help keep things hush hush while you recover in peace.

Cost and Insurance

It’s a sad reality of our current society but this kind of medical recovery care is rarely free. Usually the costs will have to be covered by the patient or his/her family unless there is a health insurance program in place to cover these costs should they arise. You’ll have to check with your insurance provider and make sure the facility you choose takes your insurance. If you have trouble with costs, there are charitable organizations you can appeal to for money. The most important thing is that the addict in your life gets the proper care.

Choosing the right treatment facility will help to maintain you commitment to the process throughout. Make sure you take every step necessary to ensure the largest success possible for your new life.

Published on Wed, 12/10/2014 - 18:47
By Addiction Recovery