Where Do You Put Your Power?

Many addicts will tell you that they develop a problem with their drug of choice because it gives them an edge or a boost or some extra power to get through the day. Booze, Weed, Pills, Coke, all of it can masquerade as a source of power in your life. While sometimes these things can give you that added boost or take the edge off, if you grow to rely on a substance or chemical to get you through the day or your life, you’re effectively giving all of your personal power away to something that doesn’t care about you or your success at all.

First, You Have Power

Drugs and alcohol usually enter the picture when a person is depressed and feeling powerless. It’s easy to take advantage of a person when he/she is down. But the reality is that each of us has the same power, the same energy, the same choice in each hour of every day. It’s the power to get up in the morning and tell yourself you can do what needs to be done that day. The power to say No to things that will hurt you or tear you down. That power is freedom and choice and personal responsibility. No matter what people do to you, your own power of mind cannot be taken away. It can only be given away by you.

Be Careful What and Who You Empower

When you give away parts of your own life and your own willpower to a boss, a spouse, or a substance, you are enabling that person or thing control over your life in some way. You’re giving away some of your power. In a loving marriage where there is equal partnership, this is okay because that person is giving their power to you in return and you’re both stronger for it. But not all power dynamics go both ways. Certain bosses can be a terrible influence on your life, taking endlessly from you without giving back fairly. Just as you wouldn’t want a negative person to rule your life, you don’t want a mindless addiction or substance to have that kind of power either.

When you allow your drug of choice to be the source of your power, your creativity, or your drive throughout the days of your life, you are putting yourself in a weakened state, not an empowered one. 

Because the charge you get from that bump is only a temporary illusion and the price is paid on the other end when you can’t even function at normal levels without the fix. 

When it comes to excuses, people often resort to saying their addictive drug is a source of power. This is an illusion, a lie. YOU are the source of power. Any effects you get from uppers or downers are just special effects. The real star of the show is you. You have all the power... until you give it away.

The world is give and take. Keep your power and stay strong on your own two feet. You won’t even realize how capable of doing that you are until you experience it happening. When you see how strong you are without those drug-induced special effects, that’s when you really feel the charge.

Stay strong.

Published on Wed, 12/10/2014 - 17:42
By Addiction Recovery