What is Luxury Addiction Treatment?

For those that have been investigating drug rehab centers across the web, you’ve likely come across a variety of facilities that boast their luxury treatment amenities and programs.  You may be asking yourself; besides lounging on silk pillows and being fed grapes, what the heck is luxury addiction treatment?

Luxury rehab centers offer the kind of posh environment you might expect from a high-end option with a few other perks that appeal to folks accustomed to a certain lifestyle.  These programs are often more secluded, offering maximum privacy for patients undergoing rehabilitation.  This often means a private room furnished similar to a hotel or bedroom in your own home.  A luxury rehab center may include things like WiFi, cable television, an extended gym with workout equipment, and a spa for relaxation and massage therapy.

Luxury options often include gourmet meals prepared by professional chefs and a wide range of alternative or holistic healing treatments.  They have instructors that can coach patients in yoga, meditation, fitness, and a host of other therapeutic techniques.

The surroundings at a luxury rehab facility are designed to comfort high-powered executives, celebrities, and other famous patients who are more comfortable with their peers and away from the media and general public.  While much of the luxury is for comfort, there is certainly benefit to working on your recovery in a place with top-grade professionals to assist you in the process and offer every possible option and tool for the best possible recovery and detoxification process.

If you’re interested in luxury programs, it’s often best to contact these places directly, as they limit their inquiries to those that can afford the services.


Published on Tue, 03/10/2015 - 22:57
By Addiction Recovery