What’s the Best Way to Kick a Drug Addiction?

The world is full of exciting drugs and trippy substances that can be used to varying degrees in social and recreational situations. That doesn’t mean all of them are good for you and several have the potential to overwhelm our judgment and self-control. If you’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to drugs or alcohol, a complex process of chemicals and behavior is occurring in your body that needs to be addressed immediately, preferably by a professional.

If you’ve decided it’s time to kick the habit and finally find sobriety, the first thing you want to do is tell someone. Admitting to having a drug problem is the hardest part. No one likes to efface themselves to friends and family by admitting something many consider to be shameful or even criminal. But it’s important. 

Once you tell someone and have an ally in the battle for sobriety and control, it’s time to detox. In order to fully eliminate a drug or alcohol dependency, you have to cut it out of your life completely and avoid it forever after. If drinking has become a serious problem in your life that borders on a life-threatening illness, then the days of a casual drink with friends are over. You have to be willing to cut the stuff out of your lifestyle completely.

For the detox, it’s always best to check yourself into a professional rehabilitation facility that can help you not only weather the intense withdrawal symptoms you’re likely to experience, but also coach you on how to avoid slipping back into old behavioral patterns that result in relapse. In a professional facility you’ll have medical care and professional supervision to help you control your cravings and get your mind right. 

So much of addiction is mental that without proper guidance and training, you’ll be no match for the cravings and temptations that will try to lure you back down the path of sickness and destruction. Keep it simple. Tell a friend. Find a treatment center. Detox. Learn to live without the drug, which means learning to conquer and live with the cravings. 

Remember, your health and wellbeing is far more important that a buzz or a party lifestyle. Do the right thing and get clean. Your future self and all his/her accomplishments will look back and thank you for your courage.

Published on Wed, 12/10/2014 - 18:51
By Addiction Recovery