Addiction recovery is no easy process. There are a number of components that must be in place to ensure your success and prevent a relapse. The good news is that when you incorporate the various tools into your recovery process, your chances of getting and staying clean are that much greater. Check out these basic recovery tools that will help you learn to build a meaningful life without drugs or alcohol.

Practicing Abstinence

Although abstinence should not be the focus of recovery, it is an important tool in the process. The true purpose should be to build a life where it is easier not to use drugs or alcohol. However, the best way to achieve that purpose is through abstinence. Most addicts do not get to a place where they can control their use – if they could, they never would have ended up addicted in the first place.

Attending Meetings

Some studies have shown that regular participation in recovery meetings helps addicts avoid a relapse. These meetings allow people to come together who share struggles and see other addicts come through those struggles. People in the midst of an addiction begin to see their addiction for what it truly is and that it can be overcome. There are many different types of recovery groups available, so find one that you like and are comfortable with to see best results.

Getting a Sponsor

There are three basic types of sponsors to help you work through the recovery process:

General Sponsors – Meet you for coffee or provide you their phone number to keep lines of communication open

Temporary Sponsors – Work more directly with you to talk about your recovery and motivate you to attend regular meetings

Regular Sponsors – These individuals work with you on a more permanent basis throughout your recovery to help you work through the 12 steps and avoid relapses

Working the Steps

The final tool in your recovery toolbox is the 12 steps you will work through to maintain your sobriety for life. The original 12 steps were designed by Alcoholics Anonymous in 1933 with a decidedly spiritual slant. However, today you can find 12-step programs that cater to addicts who are not religious. Finding the right 12-step program for you is essential for your recovery success.

Recovery is a process that requires a number of tools for success. By understanding and employing these tools, you begin the journey to a fulfilling life without substance abuse and addiction.

Published on Mon, 06/09/2014 - 10:57
By Addiction Recovery