Skateboarding Legend Christian Hosoi on Finding Faith

Even when you live a life of power, fame, and success, the world can get dark, lonely, and out of your control. Well known for his innovation in skateboarding and extreme sports, Christian Hosoi also had a difficult time with an addiction to crystal meth. In this YouTube video, he describes the scene that kept him locked into that addiction. Having gained world renown for his skills, he always had a group of fans and friends ready and willing to hang out with him and they all wanted to party with Christian Hosoi. 

That level of expectation from others, the way it paints a picture for you of the kind of person you’re supposed to be, the kind of person people expect you to be based on your career or your reputation, it can drag you down even when it should be lifting you up. 

Christian’s message to other struggling addicts is that you’re not alone. He understands all too well the pressures of social expectations and media frenzy that make it seem like quitting and getting clean isn’t an option. Plenty of celebrities and rock stars have struggled with similar situations. Drugs and alcohol are part and parcel of the whole rock star, pro athlete, celebrity gig. But it comes at a cost. 

Don’t let your social circle dictate your health. If you have an addiction and need help in recovery, take advice from one of skateboarding’s true legends and get the help. Your life and wellbeing are more important than any social contract.

Published on Fri, 01/09/2015 - 11:45
By Addiction Recovery