Recovery Resources for the Journey Ahead

Recognizing that you have a problem and resolving to make a positive change toward recovery in your life is a major, life-altering choice and you should be proud to make it. Deciding to get clean and pursue a new direction in your one, precious life will make all the difference in future days. But for now the road to sobriety can seem challenging, even insurmountable. But don’t let the daunting challenge of the climb deter you. Others before you have made the climb up that mountain and more will follow. 

If you’re about to embark on the road to recovery, there are more resources at your disposal than you might think. Contrary to the negative judgments of the haters, people want to see addicts recover and turn their life around. Your friends and family, as well as the resources of your community, will be there to help you through the struggle and on to better days if you allow it. 

Recovery resources are varied and include:

  • Hospital Treatment Programs
  • Private Recovery Clinics
  • Professional Addiction Recovery Coaches and Consultants
  • Community Programs and Group Therapy
  • Family Counseling Services
  • Work and Education Programs 

Throughout the recovery process, you’ll need a variety of support systems from medical attention during a detox to counseling and coaching to learn how to avoid relapse triggers. Feeling the support of other human beings cannot be understated. Having people around you to weather the storm will get you further than any hospital ever will. Find your allies and rely on them. They’ll rely on you too. Together, we make this work.

Finally, when you’re feeling better and more confident about your recovery, the last and final step is to reintegrate back into society in a meaningful and genuine way. Volunteer to help your community until you find a job or career path that takes you somewhere positive. Giving back and helping are important as each recovering addict needs to feel a sense of belonging and purpose in the community.

Reach out to people and take someone’s hand. That vision you have of a better life is possible and attainable.

Published on Wed, 12/10/2014 - 18:59
By Addiction Recovery