Keep a Sobriety Journal

A good habit for any recovery program is to keep a running log of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as you progress through the steps and make your way to a full recovery.   Journaling has long been upheld by psychologists to be an extremely beneficial tool for developing a deeper understanding and focused reflection of one’s experiences and facilitates personal growth on multiple levels.   In the digital age, it’s never been easier to keep on ongoing journal.

If you’re a private person who isn’t interested in others seeing or commenting on your entries (even anonymously), then you can keep a written journal in a book or a private series of documents on your computer.   However, with the many blogging platforms available on the web, you can turn your own private journal entries into a conversation with others in similar recovery.

The rise of public journaling on blogging apps like Blogger and Wordpress allow anyone to put their thoughts and experiences out into the world and open these up to comments and discussion with a group of peers.  Unlike your Facebook page where all your friends and family know who you are, a blog can attract and build its own network of peers and fellow journal-bloggers who can relate to your experiences and feelings, offer advice, and support you on the bad days.

Finding your tribe is important in the digital age we live in, and a broadcasting platform that allows you to process the thoughts and feelings that come with an addiction recovery program can be a great way to find the people who really connect with who you are and what you’re going through.

Be aware of safety and security precautions.  Don’t give away too much personal information in a public space and be wary of strangers who are too eager to meet.  Always meet new people in public venues and maintain a clear head about anyone you don’t fully know.  But in the end, just be open and honest on your journal and let it carry you through the healing process.


Published on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 19:09
By Addiction Recovery