Escape Old Memories by Creating New Ones

For a recovering addict it seems like all you can think about are the painful memories from your past. The drugs that you loved, the parties that made them possible, even the pain you caused others with your behavior. It cycles through your mind on repeat and taunts you, almost begging you to relapse just to relive the only memories or sense of yourself you understand. While it may seem like there’s no escape from this inner torment, the truth is you can let all of that go by forging new memories right here and now in the present.

Today’s activities are tomorrow’s memories and if you’re struggling with letting go of the old you or the memories associated with that person you used to be, the best medicine for recovery and moving forward is to plant yourself firmly in the NOW, soaking up today’s events and storing them in the memory banks for future reference. Over time, after you’ve stored enough positive memories of the new you, they’ll begin to balance out and even outnumber the painful memories of your past. But it takes time. One day at a time.

This holiday season, while your friends and relatives are bustling about with decorations, gifts, and event preparations, take a few moments each day to bask in the reality of how good you really have it right now. You’re sober, you’re recovering, you’re trying. And you’re surrounded by people who are offering you new memories each and every day. Each encounter is something you can turn into a great memory, a blessing you can review in mind over and over again. 

It will take plenty of time for you to walk far enough in your new shoes to outweigh the pain of the past but each day you’re filling up the container of your mind with new, more powerful and more recent thoughts and memories. Each day the container with YOU gets fuller and the one with WHO YOU WERE seems to pale in comparison. It will never go away. You were who you were and did what you did... but those days are in the past. What’s in front of you right now, those people and this life, that’s your salvation. 

Live in the Now. Live for Today. And tomorrow... you won’t have so much regret. You’ll have gratitude.

Published on Wed, 12/10/2014 - 17:49
By Addiction Recovery