The Cost of Rehab vs The Cost of Addiction

Many people who are looking into quality drug rehabilitation programs are often turned off or shocked by the high cost of such treatment programs or rehab facilities.  While it’s true that inpatient treatment centers can be quite costly, it’s important to consider the alternative to successful recovery, which is the continuation of your addiction.   A drug addiction can cost far more than the payment plans on a recovery program.

The Cost of the Substance

Of course, drugs aren’t handed out freely on the streets.  You have to pay for this stuff one way or another.  Many drug addicts are familiar with being broke and in debt because you put all your money toward maintaining a stash or getting a fix.  This cost adds up significantly over time, especially with expensive narcotics like Cocaine or Heroin.   Imagine the money you’ll save when you’re not buying this stuff all the time.

Losing Work

A side effect of a drug or alcohol problem is often a loss of employment and the subsequent lack of income due to not working.  This is perhaps the financially costliest aspect of an addiction and can lead to lifelong ruin if the addiction persists.   Paying for rehabilitation can mean getting back on your feet and back into the workforce where you can make a solid living again.

Medical Costs

Many addictive drugs are incredibly damaging to the body and your overall health, leading to extra doctor and hospital visits when the stuff finally kicks you in the ass.  If you can avoid those emergency rides to the hospital when you overdose or try to detox yourself, the cost of a drug treatment program may look more appealing in the long run.

The Cost of a Lost Life

It goes without saying that the most devastating cost of drug addiction is the destruction of relationships and the deterioration of your quality of life as the junk slowly eats away at all you have.  Shelling out some money for a proper recovery can mean salvaging your friends, family, spouse, children, job, health, and your life.

Nothing is more valuable than your life and health.  There is always a way to pay for medical care in the Western world so don’t avoid treatment due to financial hardship.  There is always a way.


Published on Tue, 03/10/2015 - 22:52
By Addiction Recovery