Are You a Procrastin-Eater?

Food addictions and unhealthy nutritional abuse are an all-too-common disease plaguing America and many people struggle with controlling their diet.  Unhealthy foods and snacks are so easy to access no matter where you are in the USA.  Vending machines, gas stations, fast food stores on every corner.   We live in a wonderland of unhealthy foods that makes it very difficult for someone struggling with an eating disorder.

One of the biggest triggers for compulsive eating, aside from a bad day, is a large amount of work on your plate that overwhelms you.  You may be so overwhelmed with work that you avoid it by eating, thus turning your procrastination into a vice that fuels your eating disorder.  If this behavior sounds familiar to you, it may mean your own procrastination is a trigger that you need to be aware of and learn to counter.

The best way to combat your pracrastin-eating habit is to plan your meal times and stick to them.  Instead of making snacks available as an option to fill your downtime, stick to a specific eating schedule that will make sure you only eat when it’s time to do so and not as a way to pass the time or avoid work.

If planned meal times aren’t helping, you can try to limit your access to foods so that the option isn’t even there.  Don’t work in places where snacks and foods are an option for you to grab (or even go get).  Limit yourself from “escaping” to indulge in food so that you can face the real challenge in front of you, be it work or events that require your attention


Published on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 18:48
By Addiction Recovery