Cocaine 101

Cocaine is a very powerful drug that is extremely addictive. It has many short term and long term effects, with addiction being one of the most severe. If you are showing signs of addiction, now is the time to start seeking help.

What is Cocaine?

Opiates - from pain to addiction

The path from pain to addiction is one that many have to face.  In the United States alone, more than 100 million people deal with chronic pain, on a daily basis.  Pain comes in two separate facets - eIther acute immediate pain or those that must deal with pain on a constant basis, also referred to as chronic pain.  In either case, pain is still treated in one primary fashion - drugs.

Molly - The New Mainstream Drug

In the past few years, several new varieties of drugs and illegal substances have surfaced. They are popular among teens and adults and are not only illegal, but incredibly dangerous. Among them, one is showing to be exceedingly more popular, which is worrisome. The drug is called Molly and it is being distributed at parties, night clubs, raves and music festivals.

The Hype and the Truth About Zohydro

Created by drug company Zogenix, Zohydro is the first Hydrocodone-based narcotic to come to market that does not include Acetaminophen. Since many pain patients suffer from Liver Disease and other liver problems, Hydrocodone-based drugs that contain Acetaminophen (like Vicodin) have never been an option for these patients due to the damage that Acetaminophen can cause to the liver. Zogenix claims this was the primary reason behind the creation of Zohydro, and the millions of pain patients that fall into that category will now have another option for treatment. The FDA then overrode the recommendation of an advisory committee who voted overwhelmingly against it’s release, and approved Zohydro in October of 2013 as a Series II narcotic. That’s when the controversy began.