Is Vaping a Harmful Trend?

The Oxford English Dictionary declared the word of the year to be “Vape” as the popularity of e-cigarettes and vapor devices continues to rise. There are vape shops popping up in every neighborhood and websites are cashing in on ecommerce sales. There are supporters and critics on either side of the trend and some debate whether or not the habit is targeting teenagers.

Recent studies and polls have indicated that teens are definitely into vaping and have picked up the hobby rapidly. It’s important to realize that not all vaping liquids contain nicotine. It’s possible to by what is essentially flavored water and puff on your vape pen. Nothing illegal for minors there. However, the act mimics that of habitually smoking and some critics argue it will serve as a gateway to teen smoking. The number show, however, that while the number of teens vaping has tripled in the past year, the number of teen smokers has actually gone down. 

Vaping is proving itself to be more of an alternative to smoking than a gateway. But what about the nicotine liquids? It’s easy to swap out liquids and other tricks teens are well versed in. Will we give them more desire to try nicotine liquids with all the bubble gum flavors and candy tastes? The data isn’t clear but the trend is still fairly new, as is the research. 

Proponents of marijuana in the newly legalized states of Colorado and Washington haven’t missed the train either. Cannabis liquids are available to vape marijuana instead of (or perhaps in addition to) nicotine. 

With all this liquid vapor in the air, will we finally see the decline of cigarettes or an expansion of overall nicotine consumption? Only time will tell. What are your thoughts?

Published on Wed, 01/07/2015 - 13:37
By Addiction Recovery