Thousands are Quitting Smoking by Switching to Vaporizers

Without doubt one of the most dangerous and addictive habits in the West is smoking cigarettes. 

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 American deaths is caused by smoking-related illnesses and diseases. It’s a pernicious addiction not only because of the health risks associated with smoking tobacco but because the habit, like drinking alcohol, is exalted as classy and sophisticated, and therefore acceptable. There is a lot more social shaming and education out there today than there was even twenty years ago but the fact remains, smoking is a common habit in which everyone’s grandmother still partakes, so it’s one of the most difficult habits to kick. It’s ingrained in our culture.

However, a new revolution is sweeping the nation. Vaping is a technological process by which water is heated rapidly to produce a cloud of non-toxic vapor that can be inhaled. The majority of harmful toxins inherent in cigarette smoke are derived from the combustion process, by which you release carcinogens in the act of burning herbal matter inside the cigarette. With water vapor, you avoid all of those harmful carcinogenic toxins and get only what’s in the originating liquid.

There seems to be a vape shop in every town and on every block in major cities these days. The adherents of vaping range from the casual trying-to-quit ex-smoker to the hardcore nerds who geek out over every possible mod and upgrade of their personal vaporizer to the extent that it becomes a hobby as much as an inhaling process. 

The liquids that are inhaled can range in nicotine content from none to as much as a carton of cigarettes. While there are still health concerns with the use of nicotine itself, the majority of concern lies in the carcinogenic toxins involved in smoking. Vaping has come along to offer a much healthier alternative to smoking that is seeing legions of smokers crush the pack and switch to the trendy new practice of vaping.

Check out some of the devices and liquids available on the market. If you’re trying to quit smoking, a personal vaporizer may be the ticket to get you on the right track.


Published on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 19:21
By Addiction Recovery