Smokers Turning to Vapor

It’s been a few years since the first e-cigarettes starting to show up on convenience store and gas station shelves but the trend has caught on. The vapor scene has taken the country by storm with little vape shops popping up in cities and towns coast to coast. But what makes it so trendy? 

For starters, many people have found that the documented health benefits of smoke-free vapor provide plenty of incentive to stamp out the cigarette habit and switch to nicotine liquids. These liquids are specially designed nicotine-based liquids that aren’t harmful or toxic like many of the leading cigarette brands on the market. These liquids are used in vape pens that vaporize the liquid at high temperatures inside the device, thus creating water vapor laced with nicotine and various flavor combinations. Since you aren’t burning something, the harmful tar and toxins that are produced from combustion just aren’t there.

Vaping has gained traction amongst 20-somethings as a hobby and scene. Trendy vape shops have become bohemian hangouts for people into vaping and this is often where new liquids are sampled and mods are explored. The proliferation of this technology has spurred the development of several handy modifications you can use to add some turbo power to your vaporizer. The mods often increase vapor output and other subtle tweaks to the vaping experience.

Municipalities and governments don’t seem to have a problem with the vapor. Many places allow you to vape inside even when smoking is forbidden. The vapor doesn’t carry the harmful secondhand smoke toxins and smells nice in the air. While some argue that vaping is just as harmful and addictive as cigarettes and there is some concern over the advertising methods of this “gateway drug,” the general consensus from health professionals is that while vaping nicotine might be entirely without harm, it’s hands-down better than smoking. 

Regardless of the mixed messages coming through the media in regards to vaping, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. Perhaps the trend of leaving cigarettes and smoke tobacco behind will spurn a healthier nicotine consumption worldwide.

Published on Wed, 01/07/2015 - 13:58
By Addiction Recovery