In the past few years, several new varieties of drugs and illegal substances have surfaced. They are popular among teens and adults and are not only illegal, but incredibly dangerous. Among them, one is showing to be exceedingly more popular, which is worrisome. The drug is called Molly and it is being distributed at parties, night clubs, raves and music festivals. Popular on college campuses, the drug is being passed around widely and glorified by musicians in chart topping pop songs.

What is Molly?

Molly is an illicit drug in powder form that is made with dozens of different chemicals and fillers and is often mixed in unsanitary places like bathtubs and toilet bowls. It is considered to be in the MDMA category along with Ecstasy and similar “club drugs.” The powder of Molly is put into capsules and that is one of the ways that users are taking the drug. It can also be snorted. In the beginning, it was mostly teens and young adults being caught with Molly, but now older adults are starting to use it. It has even been called a global phenomenon.

Effects of Taking Molly

There are a wide range of short and long term effects of using Molly. When someone is under the influence of Molly, they typically experience a feeling of closeness (similar to Ecstasy), euphoria and positive mood changes. While this may seem minimally aggressive, the negative effects in the long term include increased anxiety, loss of appetite, dehydration, insomnia, fever and teeth grinding. In more severe cases, users have experienced depression, high blood pressure, hyperthermia and seizures.

The Dangers of Molly

One of the reasons why Molly is so dangerous is because people think it isn’t bad for them. Similar to those taking other MDMA drugs or prescription drugs, they feel like because it’s in a pill or powdered form, it can’t be too dangerous. It is also being pitched to users as the “purest form of MDMA”, luring in people to use it who otherwise wouldn’t try drugs. However, this is where it all goes wrong. It leads to using it more often and often leads to addiction.

Molly is commonly used by people who experience anxiety or depression, and are looking for something uplifting for their mood, but like other drugs and alcohol, this makes anxiety and depression worse when they stop using it. This often leads to addiction because the user needs to keep taking it over and over again. Like with many club drugs, people start taking it because their friends are, it’s available, it’s cheap or to help with certain mental or mood disorders. However, the consequences are much worse than the very short and temporary thrill they get from it.

Molly is a major concern right now, not just in the U.S., but all over the world. More people are starting to use it and overdoses have already been reported. If you are currently using Molly, know that this drug is extremely addictive and hurtful. If you feel that you have already developed a dependency on the drug, it is never too late to stop using it and seek out recovery.

Published on Mon, 06/09/2014 - 10:57
By Addiction Recovery