Different Types of Drinkers

Alcohol has a different effect on each of us and prolonged alcohol consumption only exacerbates these effects across your entire character. Some people can handle alcohol, even when drinking excessively, because their drunken disposition doesn’t cause significant harm to themselves or those around them. Others, on the other hand, only become monsters when alcohol is introduced to the personality equation and these are the folks who must either not drink or remain exceedingly careful when they do. 

Here are the 4 primary archetypes of the inebriated experience. Most people you know will fit into one of these categories, just depending on their general attitude when drinking excessively. Let’s see which one you fall into, shall we?

The Happy Drunk

Obviously the best scenario for someone who has had too much to drink is that they will laugh uproariously and enjoy themselves. This can sometimes be obnoxious and embarrassing the sloppier you get but a happy drunk is never really harming others. These are the people who have a good time at the bar or gathering. Alcohol loosens up their laughter and friendliness.

The Angry Drunk

Opposite of the happy drunk is the violent or angry drunk. Someone who wants to pick fights or argue after drinking heavily is a danger to himself and those around him. Often these bouts of blind rage result in bar brawls, domestic violence, and often incarceration. Anyone who knows himself to have a history of being angry or aggressive when drinking alcohol should refrain from consumption all together. Putting others in danger of your blind, uncontrolled wrath does no one any good.

The Crying Drunk

It’s said that alcohol can bring out suppressed emotions and the crying drunk is often the epitome of this. Someone in this category will often get weepy and emotional after having several drinks. They may want to cry on your shoulder and tell you repeatedly how they see the world or how good a friend you are. While not overly harmful to others, this behavior can often result in a cycle of depression and annoyance. Emoting while drunk won’t help you understand your repressed feelings or resolved any issues because, well, you’re drunk. This isn’t dangerous but it’s something for you to be very cautious of if you’re this kind of drinker.

The Slutty Drunk

This may be offensive to some but the reality is that alcohol is a disinhibiter, meaning your normal judgment is impaired and your normal inhibitions that control your behavior and keep you in check are removed. Certain people can become overly sexual and grabby when they drink. Guys get pushy and aggressive with sexual advances and girls start taking their clothes off while dancing on the table. In the right (safe) circumstances this isn’t a problem but if your drinking is leading you to engage in risky or promiscuous behavior while under the influence, this can be a dangerous and unhealthy cycle to create. Don’t allow the drink to make major life decisions for you that can result in disease, unwanted pregnancy, or damage to your reputation and self-esteem.

Published on Wed, 01/07/2015 - 13:54
By Addiction Recovery