September is National Recovery Month

It is September, which means it is National Recovery Month! This is a month to observe and recognize people who have undergone treatment for substance abuse and addiction problems as well as mental health disorders. It helps show people still dealing with addiction that they can get help and lead a healthy, happy life. It sends out a positive message to all people who are facing addiction and doubting recovery and shows how well recovery works and that treatment is actually effective.

Who is George Jung?

Drug lords and drug cartels are stories we hear about often in the media today. These organizations are producing and shipping large amounts of illegal drugs everyday throughout the world. Drug cartels today have become an international issue, with those behind the cartels being sought after by numerous police forces.

Surprising Facts and Statistics About Americans’ Drug Abuse in 2013

Drug abuse is an issue that affects every country in the world. A wide variety of recreational drugs exist nowadays, but many of them are viewed as illegal in most countries. The United States in particular has a lengthy list of drugs that are illegal. These are often divided into different classes to determine their level of illegality.

The Costs of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

There are many consequences that can and will arise due to drug or alcohol addiction. Most people think of the common types that can include: ill health, missing work and possibly getting fired. Drug addiction can include anything from being a regular smoker of cigarettes to being a heroin addict. This article will therefore focus on the financial costs of drug and alcohol abuse.

Heroin Addiction - Is the Vivitrol Shot the Answer?

​Nearly 1.8 million Americans are addicted to painkillers, 800,000 to heroin and 18.2 million are problem drinkers, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. Ultimately, addiction is a costly problem in the United States and an effective injectable medication may help save many lives.

The challenges of being clean and sober

​Staying sober is a challenge.  Whether the drug you are kicking is one you can completely abstain from (drugs, alcohol, nicotine) or those which require continued use (prescription pain killers, food, the Internet!).  It is commonly echoed that the first several weeks are always the hardest - withdrawal sets in, and so does familiarity.  How does one cope with the newness of being sober?