Roxicodone (Roxies) Infographic

Roxicodone, also known on the street as roxies, is a semi-synthetic narcotic that is highly addictive. The painkiller epidemic among teens is plaguing the US, and the high price of Roxicodone pills has also led to an increase in heroin abuse as an alternative. Check out this informative infographic that details the who, what, how, and why on the rising popularity of roxies.

Mental Illness and Addiction – A Double-edged Sword?

​Mental illness and drug addiction often occur together. The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) estimates that 50% of people with a severe mental condition also have a substance abuse problem. It also found that 37% of alcohol abusers have a mental illness, as do 53% of drug addicts.

Parole Officers - Their Impact On Drug Addicts

“The United States incarcerates more people for drug offenses than any other country. With an estimated 6.8 million Americans struggling with drug abuse or dependence, the growth of the prison population continues to be driven largely by incarceration for drug offenses.” - Justice Policy Institute, Substance Abuse Treatment and Public Safety, 2008

Who is George Jung?

Drug lords and drug cartels are stories we hear about often in the media today. These organizations are producing and shipping large amounts of illegal drugs everyday throughout the world. Drug cartels today have become an international issue, with those behind the cartels being sought after by numerous police forces.

Cocaine 101

Cocaine is a very powerful drug that is extremely addictive. It has many short term and long term effects, with addiction being one of the most severe. If you are showing signs of addiction, now is the time to start seeking help.

What is Cocaine?

September is National Recovery Month

It is September, which means it is National Recovery Month! This is a month to observe and recognize people who have undergone treatment for substance abuse and addiction problems as well as mental health disorders. It helps show people still dealing with addiction that they can get help and lead a healthy, happy life. It sends out a positive message to all people who are facing addiction and doubting recovery and shows how well recovery works and that treatment is actually effective.

The Lost War on Drugs

The so-called War on Drugs is a concept that was invented by President Nixon in 1971 and put into action. Nixon’s aim was to eradicate drug use from not only the United States, but the rest of the world. Unfortunately, over thirty years later, the war on drugs has done nothing to help it. President Nixon’s vision has ultimately failed.