Reframing the Conversation about Substance Addiction

Reframing the Conversation about Substance Addiction

There is a common myth in our culture about the nature of addiction, one that permeates our thinking in subtle yet subversive ways. It’s the idea that addiction is a moral failing or some kind of self-inflicted punishment on the part of the addict. From anti-drug campaigns in our schools to the cold us-vs-them mentality of the “War on Drugs,” there is an unfortunate undercurrent of blaming and shaming in regards to the condition of addiction and those that suffer from it.

Common Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Common Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

If you or someone close to you has decided to stop drinking alcohol, you should be aware of the side effects so you can be prepared to deal with them. Alcohol abuse takes a toll on the body’s nervous system and the chemical addiction that develops means that if you stop drinking, your system goes into a kind of shock. In response, your body and mind will experience some of these symptoms.

3 Reasons Family Involvement is Essential in the Recovery Process

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, every member of the family suffers the consequences. At the same time, involvement of family members in the recovery process can have a direct impact on the success of the treatment program –for both the addict and other family members. If you are unsure how you can help a loved one make it through the treatment and recovery process, we have three reasons your involvement is essential to that process.

Interpersonal Effects of Substance Abuse on the Family

Substance abuse does not only affect the user; it affects everyone around him as well. Family members suffer significant consequences of substance abuse in the home, whether the abuser is a child, parent, spouse or sibling. Understanding the effects of substance abuse on the family is an essential part of the recovery process – putting everyone on the right path to wellness and sobriety.

Substance Abuse Patterns

Why Education on the Disease of Addiction is Important

When it comes to dealing with an addiction of any kind, knowledge truly does become power. It is important to understand the many facets of substance abuse, whether you are dealing with the addiction yourself or helping a loved one through the treatment and recovery process. In fact, education should be one of the first steps you take on the road to living with and overcoming addiction.

Impact of Drugs and Alcohol

Helping the Addict: What CAN You Focus On?

It isn’t easy to help someone with an addiction. If you provide money or excuses, you are accused of enabling. If you turn your back on the person, you must live with a lifetime of guilt if the unthinkable occurs. There has to be a line to walk – a line between providing the needed help and support without encouraging the behavior to continue.

How Addiction Changes the Family Dynamic

Addiction is not an individual problem; it is a disease that affects the entire family in many complex ways. No matter what family dynamics might have been before addiction became an issue; chances are, they will fluctuate considerably as each family member grapples to cope with the addiction process.

Who is George Jung?

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