5 MORE Ways to Resist Tobacco Cravings

Continuing with our list of ways to resist those powerful nicotine cravings while you’re trying to quit smoking, here are 5 more tricks and tips to help you weather the storm.

Get Some Exercise

Physical activity is a great way to take your mind off of the incessant cravings and that voice in your head that keeps urging you to reach for a pack. Running, exercising at the gym, and engaging in recreational sports are excellent ways to avoid the relapse and regain your health.

Rely on Helpers

Your friends and family want to see you achieve this monumental step in self-control and better health so have them help you get through the tougher cravings. You may be grumpy during the withdrawal but if it’s a close loved one, you’ll be able to weather the storm together.


Often the nicotine itch is a form of agitation or anxiety that you used to quell with a cigarette but now you need another plan of action. When you feel the cravings and the anxiousness, settle down to quiet your mind and take some deep breaths. Simple meditation and relaxation techniques can help you fight the cravings and reduce overall stress too.

Go Online

There are countless resources on the web to help smokers quit. Join a forum and participate in the discussion with others who are traveling the same path as you. You’ll find plenty of tips and tricks articles just like this one.

Remember Why

It helps to continually remind yourself of the benefits of stopping smoking. Say things out loud to remind you fully that you are on your way to better health, lower risk of cancers, and a better life.

It’s not easy to quit smoking but with enough persistence and the right mix of tricks and tools in your arsenal against the cravings, you can join the millions of others who have successfully kicked the habit and never looked back.

Published on Wed, 01/07/2015 - 13:50
By Addiction Recovery