Powdered Alcohol on Sale in the US

The US Federal Government recently approved and legalized a product called Palcohol to be packaged and sold in the United States.  The substance is a powdered form of alcohol that comes in capsules or packets and can be added to any drink to make it alcoholic.  After some controversy over the safety of its manufacture and the concerns that having small, undetectable alcohol capsules may raise the potential for abuse, the committees all agreed that Palcohol could sell their instant cocktail mix in the US.



What is this stuff?

Palcohol won’t release details on the process they use to turn alcohol into powder form since they’re still filing for the patent, but they claim you just add a capsule to six ounces of water and you have the equivalent of a standard single-shot mixed drink.  It comes in a variety of flavors, including cosmopolitan, margarita, vodka, rum, and “Lemon drop.”   Apparently it’s the easy way to be prepared to make any outing a party.

The powder is made from actual vodka and rum.  The specialty flavors have natural sweeteners and flavorings added to capture the full margarita experience.  The company website doesn’t provide much detail on the ingredients or nutritional value of the product, and this is actually what slowed down their approval at the Federal level last year.  But everything seems to be in order, according to the FDA.

Will it catch on?

As to whether or not people will jump on the powdered alcohol bandwagon remains to be seen but the manufacturer of Palcohol is certainly enthusiastic about his new product and hopes it will be safer and more popular than liquid alcohol.

Critics argue that there is an inherent danger for abuse, especially among minors, because the powder is difficult to find and detect and could be smuggled into underage parties or venues that ban alcohol consumption.  The manufacturer claims there is no need to try snorting the alcohol powder because you would have to snort several of these pills to get the effects of a single shot of liquor and it would take 60 minutes for effect, so why would anyone bother?  Plus it hurts the nose quite a bit.  We’re not sure when that ever stopped a teenager determined to get a buzz, but they seem confident.

Palcohol should be on the shelves as early as July 2015.

Be aware and warn your loved ones of the potential dangers.


Published on Sun, 03/29/2015 - 14:51
By Addiction Recovery